Raul Ramirez Music

Raul Ramirez

Con Zapato y Todo

Merl Saunders

It’s In The Air

Merl Saunders

Fiesta Amazonica

The Bobs

Shut Up & Sing

Eric Shrifrin


Denise Perrier

I Want To Be Loved

Denise Perrier

East Meets West

Eddie & Mad Duran

From Here to the Moon

Frankye Kelly

More Than It Is

Frankye Kelly

The Night Is Young

Frankye Kelly

Live At Yoshi’s

Brenda Boykin &

Eric Swinderman

Conversations In Time

Eric Swinderman

In Pursuit Of
The Sound

Frank Jackson

Swingin' And
All Dressed To Go

Maye Cavallaro

Never Let Me Go

Lady Memphis

Expressions of
a Legacy

Oscar Reynolds

River of Light

Kat Parra

Azucar de Amor

Kat Parra

Las Adventuras
de Pasión

Kat Parra

Songbook of the

Jennifer Lee

Quiet Joy

Anna Estrada


Joyce Grant

In The Morning

Karl Young

Lost in the Woods

Beata Pater


Stocchi Jazz Band

West of the Moon

Jeannine Bonstelle

Love Reborn

Pulse Mondiale

Pulse Mondiale

Oakland, California

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